France open data at


Today is launched the (beta version of the) brand new French website for open data, at (do not misunderstand the url, it is in French!). On prime minister’s initiative, it collects data from various ressources, among which the institute for statistics INSEE, most of the ministries (Finance, Culture, etc), several big companies (like the state-owned railway company SNCF) for an open, transparent and collaborative model of governance. Datasets are available in CSV or Excel spreadsheet, under open licence for most of them, and should be updated frequently (monthly).

Some of the datasets you can find: list of 3000+ train stations with geolocalisation (later with traffic?); geolocalisation of road accidents; the comprehensive list of books in Bibliothèque Nationale de France (which scans and stores each and every book published in France); the number of students in Latin and ancient Greek classes; France national budget, etc… among 350 000 others.



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