US Debt Clock

A fancy (and slightly tacky) “real-time” US Debt Clock from which you will probably not be able to draw any conclusions…

via infosthetics

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8 thoughts on “US Debt Clock

  1. thinks says:

    I can only wish that my years there did not contribute too much to the red figures… although one can never be too sure. A personal average debt of $53,831, 82.4% of which represents morgages would probably mean that uncle Sam, and in particular the Banks, own 82.4% of the American Dream (of owning a house). The data is representative of much more than I expected to see when I read the post title, but I doubt that it still makes any rational sense or affords conclusions 🙂

    • epanechnikov says:

      Yep difficult to make any conclusions. But at least you drive an American car (one car less on the US external debt side). 😉

      • thinks says:

        If I buy a gift for my wife using an American credit card in an American website and have it shipped to Italy, where it is carried in an American car, am I making the situation more complicated, or is the shipping overseas, probably irrelevant?

      • epanechnikov says:

        The shipping process is irrelevant if we ignore the fees. As an effect of buying a gift with an American credit card you decrease the US external debt. If the gift is however made in China you simultaneously increase it but probably by less (assuming that the seller is making a profit!) 😀

      • thinks says:

        Not in China. I think it was made in Colorado or Wyoming by a native American crafts person. Doesn’t get more American than that, so we’re OK!

      • epanechnikov says:

        “Doesn’t get more American than that, so we’re OK!”

        Yes indeed! 😉

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