Common Fallacies

I have found a list of common fallacies here which I though I should reproduce.

(update 10/04/2010: I have now extended the list of fallacies by referring to the book Applied Intelligence of Sternberg et. al. and to the source commenter “Manblogg” [Manos] was kind to post )

Formal Fallacies

Fallacies of Relevance

Fallacies of Evidence


Having conversations with people who are not able to avoid falling (constantly and unrepentantly) into these fallacy traps is surely a waste of time

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3 thoughts on “Common Fallacies

  1. thinks says:

    Oh, where were you Epanechnikov when I was ruminating what discipline of learning to follow. In your blog I’m like a kid in a toy store who doesn’t know how the toys work. But tries his best to guess!

  2. manblogg says:

    Great post. I always maintain a link to a source with those not only for trying to avoid making them myself, but also for pointing them out or leaving a debate to not waste my time as you most appropriately remark at the end of your post.

    The most typical fallacy that I have come across when debating with friends is the various types of Ad Hominem, where somebody attacks motives or the personality of the debater instead of the argument itself.

    Here’s the source I have been using to educate myself on the same. You will find some more .

    Unfortunately pointing them out does not necessarily mean that it will follow that your debate will progress 😉

  3. epanechnikov says:

    I am glad you both like this post. Thinks I am sure you always try your best and I glad you like my blog!

    Manblogg your observations and conclusions coincide with mine 😉

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