The March of Progress

1980: C
printf("%10.2f", x);
1988: C++
cout << setw(10) << setprecision(2) << showpoint << x;
1996: Java
java.text.NumberFormat formatter = java.text.NumberFormat.getNumberInstance();
String s = formatter.format(x);
for (int i = s.length(); i < 10; i++) System.out.print(' ');
2004: Java
System.out.printf("%10.2f", x);
2008: Scala and Groovy
printf("%10.2f", x)


“Note the lack of semi-colon. Improvement!”



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2 thoughts on “The March of Progress

  1. manblogg says:

    This is funny. Would be interesting though to see also the progression of layers involved on the call stack from the application layer all the way to the I/O to produce the same result . On another note I thought you might be interested in this which just came out. Enjoy!

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